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Items For Sale

Items for Sale fit within a few categories.

As Is

Original Condition. Item is cleaned up but selling as received.

Repaired, Touched Up & Cleaned

Minor repairs to shore up the piece.  This involves cleaning surfaces, polish and touch up of missing finishes, gouges, chips, etc.
In the case of upholstered pieces, this involves repairing trims and cleaning fabric.  In other words, we do our best to return the piece to usable and presentable condition while still maintaining the original fabric.

Completely Restored

Process in case of all wood furniture 
Complete knock apart and repair.
Redo glue joints and dowels.
Replace all necessary  parts.
Veneer repair & replacement.
Complete refinishing of piece = strip, stain, seal & top coat.
Process in case of Upholstered Furniture
Complete gutting and restoration.
Spring work.
Interior fillings.
Exterior fillings & new fabric surface.

There are many different variables. Please call for a more in depth explanation.

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